My Mother Called Me Ashawo but Is Cheating on My Dad


I never expected to be here to share what I’m about to share. Yesterday, I found out my mum is cheating on my father and it is not that I’m judging her but this woman judges us a lot so she doesn’t get to judge us and be guilty as well.

My parents have been married for 31 years oo, and our last sibling is 22 years, so I don’t get why it’s now she is cheating on our dad. Apparently, my youngest sibling found out, kept screenshots of their chats and shared them with me yesterday 😞.

My mum has saved the guy’s number as her cousin and the content of the chat deɛɛ…I dare not say 🤮🤮. The man in one message told her how he just masturbated and wanted to have her. Auntie Abena, I still feel shocked about what I read.

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My mum usually makes long calls with her women fellowship friends so we all assume anytime she is making any long calls it’s with one of her friends. What is busting my brain is that, she posted my picture some time back. The man saw it and asked who I was. Can you imagine my mum told him I was her cousin?😫😫😫.

My mum is 54 years though she can easily pass for someone who is in her late thirties or early forties. I am really hurt and she disgusts me. I would want to assume she has her own reason and not judge her but this is the same woman who called me an ashawo (prostitute) because I was dating a guy 8 years my senior. It’s not like I was dating 2 people, it was only him.

This woman acts more spiritual than anyone I know and will even insult you if you don’t go to church or talk ill of any man of God or misquote scripture. Life ankasa never say never. My question is, should i confront her or just act like I don’t know because I am on the verge of talking back at her 😩😩.

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Written by Abena Magis


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