My Mother is Sacking My Woman But…


My mum caught my fiancee seated in her baby daddy’s car. The guy gave her money and asked for a hug which is what my mother saw. My woman had already told me she was going to meet him and we had a 1 hour call after he dropped her off. My problem is my mum is refusing to listen to anything we say because of this and wants me to sack her from my room.

Before this year, my woman was living on her own but we agreed that instead of using her money to pay another rent, we can finish my room here and move in and take our time to get married and move out. My mother agreed and my fiancee even gave her GHS2000 for free, out of the money to add to her business capital.

After 13th January things haven’t been so good for her and that’s when my mother’s mood changed. My problem is my woman’s child is with her mother but she still takes money from the ex which she uses to feed us. If she leaves, it’ll be hard for me but my mum isn’t making it easy.

My woman can’t afford rent now which means she’ll have to move in with her mum, should I be worried what will happen when her mother gets to know how mine has been treating her? She’s the one who cooked yesterday with her own money and my mom still ate some.

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Written by Abena Magis

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