My Mother Says No to My White Fiancee


God bless you for your hard work.

I’m a guy in my middle 20s with a solid financial status through both short and long term investments. I am currently working with my dad and a few agencies because I have completed  my master’s and living comfortably in Canada.

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I was a teenager in high school when I moved from Ghana. I made that move because I was involved in a road traffic accident which led to my leg being amputated just below my knee. I was then age 15. My parents didn’t allow me to look down on myself and promised to make me successful at all costs because mydisability can’t limit my dream. They’ve fulfilled that promise.

The main issue now is my mother wants me to settle down with a black woman. However, I don’t want to because I grew up in a predominantly black community and most of the ladies I interacted with always described their preferred type to be men with strong  characteristics. Some of the relationships I had with these black ladies were based on money.

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I then decided to work hard because my sector being the IT industry  is booming. I’ve gone for multiple  surgery on my legs and getting better. I have found one white lady who cares about me a lot. I’m hoping to marry her next year but my mother says she can’t contain a white lady.

I don’t want to love someone just to please my parents neither do I mind spending my wealth with her but my experience with some black women has really made me afraid  to marry them. I find myself in a quandary and need help on how to convince my mother to allow me marry my choice. I respect and love her so much but don’t want to do what she says this time.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. It’s your job to convince your mum to accept the lady you want. But before you do so ask her why. Find out why she doesn’t want such marriage. Be patient & listen to her before you talk. Good luck

  2. I have been through this situation before dear and I have regretted listening to my parents and am still paying for it. Please talk to God about it and don’t leave her if she haven’t offended you.

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