My Mum Has Betrayed Me


After today I’ll mind my business in my parents marriage. I won’t open my mouth for even once.

Ɛne sɛn? (Why am I saying this)? My father is a chronic cheat on my mum but somehow she doesn’t see it because the old man plays his cards very tight. I first got to know he was cheating when he dated my mate’s Aunt and the woman told my mate’s mother all the things her new man bought for her. My mate’s mother wanted to know more and that’s when the woman told her the man is my dad. Meaning she knew old boy was married with kids but didn’t care. Even though it wasn’t the girl’s fault, I stopped talking to her till today.

Fast forward, last year he delayed in paying my fees which almost affected me and the agreement with mum has always been he will pay our fees, rent and major expenses while mum takes care of the home, our feeding and clothing. It’s only in emergencies like hospital that he’ll help but even that once in a blue moon. So mum had to pay for me which affected her savings. COVID came to make things worse so I bless you for the GHS100 you sent me for feeding.

Back to my story, after we came home, I decided to get myself a job to do to save small in case school reopens and he starts his things again. I started going house to house to teach kids but I got only 3 kids whose parents were struggling so I taught them for free hoping it’ll encourage other parents to let me teach their kids. After almost 2 months I was able to get 2 more and the money is small to save but still vim.

One of my kids was always talking about Unc Des. Always, “Unc Des came to visit mum” or “took us out.” My dad is Desmond but I never thought it was a coincidence because he’s not the only Des in the world. This little boy had one of those kid tablets and one day when he was showing something on it to the other kids opened the gallery and called me to come and see. I went and there was this boy taking pictures with my father? My father ooo auntie Abena.

I closed the class immediately. I couldn’t talk again. This man was always complaining about not having money and always on mum to do this or that and she dare not say she doesn’t have money, he’ll dress her top to bottom and paint her blue black but, had money to take this boy out?

The next day, I went into FBI mode and got much info from the boy that my dad is his mum’s friend who comes to visit them. So this man is chopping from the same hood? I went home and informed mum to quietly do her investigations but should never mention my name because the way this man is vindictive, he’ll attack me.

She said she’ll do it and that was it. Anytime I ask she’ll tell me to have patience because she knows what she’s doing. Unknown to me, this woman went to confront dad and since August he’s been harboring bitterness towards me.

So in November I reminded him about my fees and he said ok. December too I hinted him. Since 28th to yesterday, anytime I ask him he brushes me off till this morning when I woke up to meet his anger. He really vented on me and showed me pepper that I should go and ask his girlfriend for money. That can’t a married man have pity on a church member and help her in time of need? (But dad you hardly go to church😣).

That’s the lie he told mum and she also believed him but never told me she’s told the old boy. She’s been begging me to forgive her but she did because she didn’t want to create confusion between dad and herself. Then why tell him? 😩😭

This man is bored with me brutal and I don’t know what to do. I stopped teaching the kids months ago and don’t know if I should trace the woman to beg him for me. Won’t he get bored more? Don’t ask me for my savings, my girlfriend’s phone got snatched and I bought a new one for her.🥺🥺🥺

Written by Abena Magis


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