My Mum is Cheating on My Dad


I’m confused as I’m typing this. My mum and dad have been married for like 26 years. I’m their first child.

Auntie Abena a few years ago, I got access to my mum’s phone and mistakenly went through her chats. I know it’s wrong but she’s my mum and thought she had nothing to hide. Well, I got the shock of my life.

I found out my mum was cheating on my dad with another married man. The man is not anybody biaa saaa too oo and the kind of chats they had erh. They talked dirty, exchanged nudes and even discuss how boring their partners were. I even thought it was something that probably happened mistakenly so she was going to stop but no, for 3yrs or more they’re still seeing each other. I know all these, because I’ve been following their conversations.

Granted, my dad has not been the best of husbands. He doesn’t give my mum money for her own upkeep but she’s working so I don’t know what pushed her to do that. Ever since I saw that the respect I had for my mum has reduced. Anything she says annoys me and I’m not happy about that.

I want to confront her but I don’t want her to feel bad too. I don’t know what to do please. Let your fans advice me on how to go about this issue.

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Written by Abena Magis


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