My Pastor Fingered My Fiancee in Front of Me


When you haven’t heard someone’s story you’ll think yours is worse. If you haven’t walked in someone’s shoes, you wouldn’t know how tight they are. This is my story and want to share with the one whose brother went to meet the best friend in bed with the fiancee doing doggy style.

I was very active in church that I didn’t have time for any other activities. My life was my church and my pastor was my Papa, spiritual father, everything. Anything he wanted or sent me to do, I did it.

Man was growing and anytime any of the guys in the church were about getting married, he’d ask me when am I also tying the knot. I didn’t have time ooh auntie Abena. It’s not that there weren’t nice girls in the church. There were and some I admired but all my dedication was to the church.

Fast forward after so many months, my pastor pointed a lady out to me and told me that’s the wife for me. She was so beautiful that I was worried she’ll say no. He called us and did the introduction. She said she’d been in the church for some months and had noticed me but I’d never seen her before.

A year later, we got ready to get married but her attitude was very bad. She coule go from “happy” to “you’ll sleep in the hall. I hate nonsense” real quick. All her attention was the church. She told me will be busy in church even after we got married so I shouldn’t try to change her. She was disrespectful and the least thing, “I’ll call pastor.”

After some time, I decided to see the pastor and talk to him. It was left with 3 weeks to the wedding. On that Wednesday, I had malaria with fever and was on medication. I was asleep when my fiancee left (we’d lived together for 3 months) so she wasn’t expecting me at the church.

So I get to the church and there’s no service but I’m told “maybe Papa is in his office, if his car is still parked outside.” I was trying his door to see if it was locked or open so I didn’t knock. It opened and I saw my pastor seated on a chair with my wife standing by his desk. His hand was inside her pants fingering her, her skirt was raised.

I didn’t say anything. Became like a rock and couldn’t move. They both saw me. Then Pastor was talking, she was crying but I just turned and went home. She didn’t come home. Instead of telling her family what she did she said so many lies about me. Even called to insult me.

My pastor kept saying “touch not my annointed love do my prophets no harm. Just know they’re human.” After canceling the wedding, I changed churches. I don’t think I’m ready to get married now.

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Written by Abena Magis


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