My Pregnant Wife is HIV+


I’m in a position of psychological trauma because I don’t know whether I should believe what is happening to my family or not.

My wife and I have been married for almost two years now. As per our church doctrine we were asked to do some medical test which included HIV test. We did it and the results were negative for both us.

My wife is pregnant now. She had the mandatory HIV test at the hospital and it’s positive! This made me to go there to check my status and it turned to be negative.

Upon hearing the news, my wife and I are unable to eat. Neither can we sleep because she is someone I can wholeheartedly trust not to cheat on me or whatsoever. She is faithful to me all the time and she even doesn’t understand where she got it from.

I know my wife. We were in courtship for almost a year without sex. We’re in the state of ending it all because life hasn’t been fair to us. Auntie Abena I want to know from your fans if anybody has been in such a situation before? What should we do now?

I’m crying as I type now. I need urgent advice.

Note: my wife was seven months pregnant before the test and we do everything together including using the same shaving stick.

They’ve been referred to a psychologist

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Pls, take heart. Is not easy i know, the test she went through “PMTCT” IS done for all pregnant women before delivery, a pre-counseling is given first, a list of ways in aquiring the diseases is also mentioned n is discussed which includes, sex, blood transfusion, pedicure n manicure, retouching (women hair), kissing if there’s a cut (both),shaving etc. This will educated to you before the PRICK, A SERIES OF TESTS WILL BE DONE ON YOU BEFORE THE RESULTS CAN BE DECLARED. can be true i might be negative today but more i will be positive, its happens. I ve seen more stories like u own. CRY ALL U WANT BUT THERE’S HOPE, HEALTHY BABIES FROM SUCH PATIENTS. INBOX ME N LET’S TALK. INBOX ME. SMILE, U GUT A GIFT FROM GOD, THE BABY. ALL WILL BE WELL.

  2. My dear take it easy and don’t worry yourself about it now. My wife went through the same problem. It was a mistake on the side of the nurses. We went for a test in a different hospital and it turned out to be negative. They told us the result was for someone else who wasn’t even pregnant mpo. Please forget it and stay healthy to help the pregnancy grow.

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