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My Rival is My Wife’s Hand


Good after madam. I’m a guy of 36 years. I got married at to my wife 10 years ago at age 26 but my marriage is at edge of collapsing now. To begin with, my wife is not the friendly type to be with. Anytime we have to do something sexually, I have to be the one to approach her and due to that I lost interest in sleeping with her which caused me to look for another woman outside.

Anytime I tried to get closer to her too, she pushed me away until one day she confessed to me that she’s been using her hand to satisfy herself. I was shocked by that confession but I forgave her. Now my problem is she doesn’t have any respect for my mum and isn’t on good terms with my family as well.

Now I am tired of this marriage and want to quit but it was a legal marriage and we have two children now. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t have love for this woman again and don’t know what to do. Kindly help your brother out. 

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Written by Abena Magis

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