My Sis Inlaw, a Comedian, Uses Jokes to Insult Me


So I’ve been married for 2 years to a wonderful man but his sister is the sister from hell described in movies. She’s an upcoming comedian and likes to tell us her jokes for warm up but she uses me as her topic and it’s painful.

While everybody is laughing, I’ll be in pain and she’ll ask me why I’m not laughing and if all my funny bones were born premature so they couldn’t form well? My husband doesn’t see anything wrong with it neither does his mom. I sat her down one day and told her that I appreciated her a lot but she should please stop using me as her topic.

Auntie Abena, that month was worse for me. In school, at home, church, programs and everywhere she went to tell tooli about me always being offended by her jokes that I told her to stop. Her big brother (my husband’s elder brother) called me and told me to stop behaving like that na everybody 6 feet. The way that statement pained me eh.

The jokes are normally about me being born 2 with different fathers and how my baby daddies must have been happy that somebody was taking care of their unwanted baggage. How the kids will get confused on who to call Daddy and how I walk or talk when I’m angry or hungry, a whole lot. She says the thing like she has issues with me being married to her brother so she’s using the jokes to cover them.

I had a child before I went to the University. The father died painfully but his parents support my daughter even till now. I dated again after school and we were preparing for marriage when I got pregnant. Suddenly, my family said no to his tribe, a whole lot and that’s how I became a single mum with kids from different fathers.

When my husband met me I never hid my kids and he’s grown to love them as his own. After we got married and had our twins, he’s the one who made the sister to come and live with us to help us take care of the twins. She’s been very good to all my kids but very bad towards me.

I’ve complained to my husband but he sees nothing wrong with it. The whole family is making me feel like I’m taking the thing too far so I’ve given up. She’s still doing it. Just recently, she compared me to Cecilia Marfo just because I went to her again to tell her to please stop using me in her jokes. Auntie, I’m the only topic of all her jokes for over 6 months. Hmm.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Hey just make her live after u think u can take care of ur kids u need ur peace to take of ur family and if care is not taken u meant instigate her family against u cos they see nothing wrong with using somebody’s past to mock dem.

  2. This is very bad and weird. I think it’s a planned thing by the family at the blindsided of your husband. You need to let someone who your husband respects so much to talk to him about the behavior of your sister-in-law.

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