My Sister is a Lesbo Because of Our Mom


Good Evening. I would like to share this little story of mine with my fellow Manofans.

My sister is a nurse in the UK. She’s in her late 30’s now but yet to marry because of our mom. You see, she came to Ghana a few years ago to marry the guy she was dating.

Auntie Abena, my two elder sisters joined her to introduce the guy to our mom, but this woman said NO without thinking twice. Her reason was the guy is short and also he’s got yellow eyes and she didn’t want my sister’s children to be born with yellow eyes and shortness. (My family is blessed with tallness, I must say)

Mom refused to change her mind no matter the number of times my sisters pleaded with her to just give her blessings. Though she didn’t like the guy, my sister was prepared to take it like that but mom is a very stubborn person who doesn’t change her stance on matters. She still refused.

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My sister left Ghana not knowing what to do. She was heartbroken but her biological mother didn’t see her teary heart. She’s refused to date any guy since then because she has the thought that no one would be perfect in mom’s eyes. She’s now satisfying herself with dildos. Last I heard she’s now turning into a lesbo. It breaks my heart to hear that about my beautiful sister.

The guy too married a nurse in Ghana here. His wife is very beautiful and also taller than the guy but both the lady and her family weren’t bothered about that. I know the lady he married and the family very well. We are all in the same vicinity. The guy now has a couple of businesses that are doing well. My mom on the other hand insists she made the right call for my sister and also claims the guy is a womanizer.

Please our parents should accept the fact that in as much as we are their kids, we need to be allowed to make our own mistakes and also learn from them. Sometimes all they have to do is just bless whatever we bring to them and watch us fall and rise on our own.

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Written by Abena Magis


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