My Son Got His Dad Arrested


I’m so confused right now. I really need your help. My son got his dad arrested and there’s confusion all over.

So my husband has a bit of a temper and over the years I’ve always warned him how he talks to our son. This boy is taller than the father but if you see the way this man will be pulling him by his ear and slapping him, you’ll weep for him.

The boy was teaching and going to school at the same time because my husband is on pension. We’re trying to build because we can’t keep on renting. This made our finances difficult and the boy understands. So after the lockdown, he decided to teach kids at home. He makes the parents pay extra which I use to cook for them

He has about 12 students now. When they come they really make noise if he’s not around which annoys the dad. He’s warned him several times to talk to the kids but they still do it.

This led to some attitude from my husband which became very bad when he told my son to pay the prepaid. It wasn’t even finished. My son said what he had, he was going to use it to buy a new phone because the old one wasn’t working. The following day, he’ll buy the prepaid. Then he went out.

This man went and called in an electrician to disconnect the light to my son’s room. The boy came and got angry. The father threw his shoe and belt at him and threatened to kill him if he doesn’t leave the house. I wasn’t around then but my husband hit him with a kitchen stool which made him bleed.

Auntie Abena, he went to report the father at the police station. They invited him there and he was put at counter back for almost 4 hours (I came back and convinced my son to talk to the police). They gave him a warning and we came back home.

Now, the father has disowned him and wants to sack him. Auntie Abena, my son was abandoned by the mother when he was young. It’s the father who took care of him till we got married when he was 9. No one from the mother’s family cares about him. On the dad’s side, none of them has so where he’ll sleep if he leaves, will become a problem.

I agree getting him arrested was the extreme but my husband too was wrong. Now I can’t side with him and abandon my son. If I side with my son too, my husband will send me packing. My other kids tried talking to him but he’s not interested in listening to anybody as he’s still angry about the arrest. Has anyone been in this situation before?

I’ve never heard of a son causing his father’s arrest before. I’m hoping the Manofam can help me with some ideas on what to do. Thanks

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Written by Abena Magis


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