My Son Needs His Dad


God bless you and all the manokekame fans. Please I need an advice. My problem is that, I am a lady in my late 20s and had a child with my boyfriend four years ago.

Little did I know he already had a child with someone before meeting me. It was during my pregnancy he told me that truth. I didn’t want to abort the pregnancy so I forgave him for lying to me.

After delivery things were very difficult for both of us which brought so many misunderstandings between us. Auntie Abena back to why I am writing you this.

My son’s father has impregnated another lady again and she has also successfully delivered. He called to inform me about that but he’s asking me to still marry him since he is still in love with me. Auntie Abena I don’t know what to do.

The reason is I could manage with he having one baby mother besides me but two baby mothers hmm!! On the other hand, my son needs his dad. What should I do? Please notify me when you post this

Written by Abena Magis

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