My Sweet Licker is Married


Greetings 🙏🏽 I joined your page just months ago and I really appreciate your time and efforts. God bless you. I have a problem to which I need your advice. It took me weeks to gather enough courage before sliding into your dm.

I’m a young lady in my early twenties and a student as well. I don’t actually do dating stuff because I wasn’t sure of my sexuality at first. I don’t even think I have fallen head over heels in love before. I used to turn down almost every guy who proposed to me if I didn’t feel the vibe.

I met a gentleman recently. He’s cool, open, caring and loving but he’s married. Married men are my biggest turn off but he was kinda different after I spent a few times with him. On one of our outings we got intoxicated and ended up in a guest house.

PS. I’m a virgin. We didn’t have sex even though I wanted to try.

He’s good in foreplay especially with his tongue. He can lick everywhere lickable. This thing has happened more than twice between us and it feels different each time, making the vibe stronger.

Now I’m really scared and wanna break this but how? He’s now talking about making me his second wife and impregnating me.

Please I need your advice as a mother and a friend. Your fans can join in too and I know how I’m gonna be trolled but I need help. Help me please cus I’m getting depressed now. Off late I see other guys as nuisance. It seems I’m only having eyes for him💔

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. It’s wrong in the first place to date a married man. You are helping him cheat on his wife. It will be in your best interests to end it with him, because there is no assurance of marriage and he can deny you when you get pregnant. Who knows if he’s with you just for pleasure.

  2. Being with a married man is wrong. No matter what benefits or satisfaction you derive, know that it will end in sorrow. Know this, what satisfy you now will not satisfy you later on. Be open minded and think about your future.

  3. Dating a married man is totally n absolutely wrong no matter de benefits.
    Think of tomorrow dan following ur emotions dear.
    U can get a single guy who’s more powerful dan de married man

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