My Uncle Wants Me to Become His Maid


Please I want your fans to give their opinions on an issue I am facing with my uncle who wants me to become his maid.

Two years ago, this uncle of mine came to our house and gave me 1 thousand naira which is like GHS15 and asked me to go get my WAEC results. I thanked him and he left. I went to print the results and showed it to my folks. One of my aunts advised me to call my uncle and tell him my results.

I honestly don’t remember whether I called him or not because it has been 2 years now. Last month, I wanted to attend the burial of my spiritual father and the proprietor of my school so I asked my uncle for 4000 naira, that is GHS60, for condolence and attendance. I did ask him because the deadline of payment was fast approaching and my mom had less than a dime to give me. He refused and asked me of the money he gave me for my results.

After scolding me, he didn’t even allow me to apologize or say anything and hung up tbt. I got pissed at a point and didn’t call him but after several thoughts and considerations, I texted him my apology. 3 days later, he came to our house and reported me to my mom and completed his scolding after ignoring my welcome but I endured

After all these, he called my mom privately. He suggested to her to allow me go to his house as a maid and help his wife in her shop so that she will pay me 20 thousand Naira (GHS300) per month. I am still thinking about it but I want you to give me your opinions. The last thing I wanna become is a maid but we are cash-trapped. Is my going there a good idea?

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Written by Abena Magis

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