My Wife and Her Family


I am a married man in my late 30s with two kids and have been married for 5 years now. My problem is my wife and her family. Everytime we have a little misunderstanding like any other married couple does, she will just go home to her parents and return after a few days.

At times, her sister would call and insult me without any justification. She has done that three times, and I have spoken to my wife to talk to her sister to stop it but she has refused to do so. Recently, we had a misunderstanding and she went home as usual for three days only for her to come back with the mother and the sister to our house. To my shock they both insulted me and my wife stood there and watched her sister and mom insult me, using all sort of words on me.

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I just stood there watching them in shock and surprise. I am someone who does not like talking about my family matters to others because in this world you never know who is happy for you and who wants it to end. Not for once have I involved anyone in my family matters so I try to talk to her whenever she does anything I do not like but the way and manner and the kind of words they use against me is bad.

Other people have advised me to also involve someone from my family but I don’t want my family to start getting involved in my marital issues. Right now, it’s been two days and she hasn’t come back.

I don’t know if there’s anyone here who has been through this but could they share how best to handle it or let your fans give best way to handle this. Thanks very much.

Note: I take very good care of my family and this is the second business I have established for my wife.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Sorry bros, your case is a pathetic one. Excuse me to say that your wife’s family are not behaving maturely. Is the sister also married? If no, then I guess some of these problems are hindering her from marrying. I will suggest you also leave home just for a night. I bet she won’t like that experience so she will start thinking about hers and stop that behavior

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