My Wife is Angry about My Car


Good morning and God bless you for the good work you’re doing. Please I know there are matured minds and experienced married couples on your platform to advice me on my issue. In summary, my wife is supportive and she always buys into my aspirations as I do consult her in anything I do.

Fast forward, I purchased a car for business of which she did the transaction with the third party (seller) since I sent the money through her. I am not around at the moment and she has to register the car as well.

The problem now is I discussed with my wife that since I am not around can the car be registered in my name? She replied softly, “ooh yes it can be done” but just that someone (she) will have to sign for the documents. Then she added that why can’t she register the car in her name since she is my wife?

I was quiet for a while and told her it has to be in my name. She took offence at that. Yes, our marriage has been transparent with nothing hidden and I trust her, as she does. I include her in everything I do being it my projects and other activities for our future but my intention of registering the car in my name has kept my wife moody and unhappy with me lately.

In as much as there is love, I believe it will take some maturity and experience to solve some issues. I have a lot of thoughts though. We are both in our 30s of age. Please I need advice from your fans.
Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Man this shouldnt strike problem at all please peace to rain and continue your marriage peaceful let the car documents be in her name more over shes your better ﹰHalf not your bitter ﹰHalf these things are vanity maintaining good relationship in marriages is not that ﹰEasy what you have cherish it simple

  2. I suggest you allow her to register in her name especially if you have children. Sometimes back, I bought a car from abroad and used my wife’s name for the documents. I did so because she is a health worker and at the time, I was entitled to some rebate from the government. Though I couldn’t get it, it was still in her name and she hardly drives it. For the sake of peace, let her do it her way.

  3. My brother you don’t have cause to fear .. in law any property acquired during the period of marriage is a marital property and each party has a vested interested in it.. read the case of acheampong v acheampong, lamptey v lamptey,. Arthur v arthur , among others.
    Even with respect to landed property , section 47 of the lands act 2020 ( act 1036) stipulates that a partner cannot sell ,transfer ,mortgage any landed property acquired during marriage without the written consent of the spouse .

    My brother you have no cause to worry cos whether it’s registered in your name or your wife’s name , it’s really of no material effect.


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