My Wife is Making Me Hot


If you don’t come in, I don’t know what I’ll do. Yesterday was the second day of my mother sleeping on my bed with my wife. My wife and I live in a chamber and hall with our kids. After I lost my job things became very difficult for me so the place I could afford after our rent was due was this place.

We’ve been managing it for 4 months and hoping things will be alright from next year going. I get taxi spare to drive which helps with the feeding. I haven’t been able to visit my mother or send her money for sometime. I came home yesterday and she was here. My wife had tried calling but I was then on my way home so decided not to pick. If I’d picked it I could have found some excuse to make her get my mother to travel back to the village.

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This woman wants 10 million old cedis (GHS1000) to pay some debts she owes, pay some people to clear our old cocoa farm and some other things. It’s not like I have the money lying somewhere and refusing to give the money to her but my mother is refusing to listen.

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I have 4 kids and I knew it was going to be difficult with her sleeping in the hall. In the bedroom she could have slept on the floor but I don’t know why my wife told her to sleep by her side on the bed. I spoke to her this morning and she told me to stop complaining. Tonight too she didn’t sleep by me and I’m so hot. I need some touches. My mother is a light sleeper too, any little noise she’ll wake up.

If this woman doesn’t leave soon it means I’ll be starved ooo. I don’t have money, not even 2 million (GHS200) to give to her to go. Why doesn’t this my wife understand me? We could have given my mother the bed then we sleep on the floor. But what’s wrong with my mum sleeping on the floor? I’m tempted to do night starting from today but what if I get too hot whiles driving? I might fall into the clutches of some female passengers who do exchange after a trip. I’m confused here and need advice.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Ain’t U happy U have a wife who is willing to cope with this unpleasant situation she and the kids find themselves yet all U think of sex ??
    Does sex gives your mum money to take back home or does it make life easier after U reach ejaculation.
    Massa make your mind and eyes open and stop this childish decisions

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