My Wife Is Too Spiritual


Happy New year to you and your manofans
I have a problem and need your fans advice. I have been married for the past 10 years with two children and a third child still in the womb.

I’m from the Northern part of Ghana and had a job within the Brong Ahafo Region in 2012 to 2017. In 2018 I was out of job until late 2020. Early 2020 my wife left the church that we attend to a different church. That’s when everything changed.

She comes home to tell me a a lot of things God has told them. Like: it’s a sin to use pomade, perfume, taking haircut with shape etc. She asked that I join her there but I refused.

When I got the job in late 2020, I didn’t tell her because I knew she will say it’s her prayers that made me get the job. One day she returned from church and told me that God said she should tell me to repent and come to their church otherwise He won’t bless me with a job. I asked her to tell me exactly what I was doing that I needed to repent. She said she went and told God to give me a job and that’s when He said that. When I now told her I had a job already, she stood speechless.

I’ve been posted back to the North and in one of our usual conversations on phone she told me she informed her prophetess about our going to the North and the prophetess was not happy about it. Later she said God told her that if she moves to the North and the rapture comes, she will not go to heaven because He will not know her.

That I should rent for her in the South and once in a while, she will come to my place and go back to the South. I told her I can’t do it and she said if that’s the case then, she will not join me in my workstation nor go with me to the family house up North.

I have involved the elderly and gone to see her pastor but no positive results. My rent has expired in the South this Xmas and I have packed to the North and packed her out as well. I have gone to tell her family and they asked that I bring their daughter even if there’s the need to involve the police.

My wife too says she is not ready for divorce today or tomorrow and she is also not coming to the family house too. I know she has gone to stay with a church member and she is an unemployed Diploma graduate. I’m confused now and need your advice.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. She is not serious. Tell her if she is not coming with u she is not ur wife, so she should choose between u and d church

  2. I can see ur wife is one of the most Ignorant people u have ever met pls go to facebook and search for Dr.Abel Damina he teaches and interprets scriptures well give it to her to listen her ignorance will leave some few days later

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