My Wife Keeps Turning Me Off


My wife get some soft ass bi eh. I just love spanking it when I’m behind. The “ta ta ta” sound always sets me on fire. It’s like an accelerator and helps me fire her very well but my wife isn’t helping me which is turning me off sex.

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I love waist beads especially the ones that you can see in the dark. Ala! When I see that then I start dancing, “ooin.” Then there’s this type that makes noise even when the woman is walking. I hear that and I root. Soft ass + spanking + waist beads ???????????????????? but my wife doesn’t want to wear them.

Not that she hasn’t worn beads before ooh but she says it pulls her pubic hair. So shave eh that one too she get problem. She says she doesn’t like it when there’s no hair down there. Me too I like no hair against heavy duty licking???? I’ve bought different waist beads which she’s refusing to wear.

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When I complain and she bores, it means no sex for me so I have to swallow and do it like that. Other times too, it turns me off so I satisfy her and sleep like that. This isn’t helping us at all and I can feel the tension it’s bringing between us anytime I talk about it.

Are there ladies who don’t like wearing beads like my wife? I thought every woman loves wearing it until I met her. Those who wear it, what’s your secret? Can she learn and do it?

Waist beads and spanking is natural booster ????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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