My Wife is Padding Our Children’s School Fees


I recently found out my wife has been collecting more school fees for our children than the school has been billing.

We have three children and she handles most issues concerning their schooling. I pay for their books, private tuition, private transportation to take them and bring them back, lunch, the school fees and supplies. In every academic year, I ask her for school fees for children since the bill often comes to her and I pay for it. No questions.

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Recently with this school reopening, I called the school to confirm fees and the amount they mentioned was much much lower than what I paid over a year ago. So I asked fees for all previous terms and compared them to what I have been giving her and realised she has been padding the children school fees.

Every month I give her GHS1500 for the house expenses. She runs her own business and I don’t ask her to spend anything on the house so why would she do this to me? Am I not trying enough?

Thank you

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Hmmm sit her down and let her know you know that alone will give her emotional torture ,lot of women are fond of doing this ,for some reasons but in your case it a mere greediness!

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