My Wife’s Friend Wants a Taste of What She’s Heard


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So my question is very simple. Why do some women tell their friends everything that happens in their marriage including sex and turn around to blame their friends for wanting a taste of it?

My wife has destroyed my phone otherwise I’d have added screenshots but she told her best friend everything about how I treat her especially my licking techniques in bed. This her friend contacted me and at first I thought it was a planned thing. You know how ladies try to use their friends to test their husbands. I kept telling the friend not to test me because my wife knows I can’t fall for such things.

She did everything to convince me that she was the one who wanted to meet me for some sex. I agreed to meet her just to see if she’ll come there with my wife and she came alone (we met at a luxury apartment). Then she begged me for licking which I didn’t want to do it but just to see if my wife will come there. This my wife didn’t come as I gave her friend one quick licking which had her screaming my name😜

After that I left her there and the friend kept on disturbing me for more before I realized truly my wife didn’t know anything about it. Wifey found out about the chats yesterday and called her friend to ask her why she also wanted my licking🙈

My phone was destroyed in the process. I blame myself because I’m supposed to have known better. I’ve begged her for her forgiveness and promised this won’t happen again but her friend still sent me a message on my other phone this morning. She told to ignore everything my wife says and asked when we can meet again. I showed it to my wife to read it and she is now apologizing for telling her friend everything. The way she is, this friend will regret doing this 😂

Some friends aren’t correct saa oh. Learn to keep some things to yourself my dear sisters🙄

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Written by Abena Magis


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