No Sex, No Promotion


God bless you for the good works you are doing. I am a young lady of 28 years and life has really dealt with me. I lost my job about 5 months ago because I refused to be one of my boss’s side chicks. How is this possible? He would rather prefer I sleep with him for money than giving me the promotion I deserve to earn that money.

Auntie Abena not a single co-worker can provide a negative review about my work and up till now they call to ask why I was sacked. Why would people choose their personal preferences over a company they have built?
I have been home for about four months now and I am so sad today. I completed university about 4 years ago but nothing has changed.

I tried starting a business but it failed. I even went to the extent of giving a friend money for her business but I am now an enemy and she has refused to pay back the money..Why are people like this? I always feel shy when I see my classmates. I don’t know what to do again. I am not good with business too.

I wishh I could even partner with a friend who is business minded but I don’t have the means . How do I pay my rent and other bills? I don’t know if I am falling into depression or what. This is killing me auntie Abena.Sorry I just wanted to let it out.

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Written by Abena Magis


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