Nothing Moves My Boyfriend


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I need advice please because nothing moves my boyfriend. I have been dating him for 8 months now and I am not getting him at all. He won’t call nor text, doesn’t buy me airtime, doesn’t give me money even if I ask, doesn’t visit and does absolutely nothing for me. He knows I am not working too.

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I will call him he won’t pick, he only replies my texts when he feels like it and calls when he feels like it. I’ve asked him severally if we should break up but he will only start pleading for a second chance. We both agreed on no sex in the relationship which was even his idea. He doesn’t even bother to ask how I’m coping without a job. (I wasn’t jobless when we met). He doesn’t know festive seasons too.

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A whole Xmas this guy couldn’t even buy me handkerchief. Last two weeks was my birthday and all he could do was to call and wish me. I asked him if he will be coming over on Val’s day to my place, his response was these things don’t move me😞

At first, I thought he was seeing someone else so I followed him up, down, left, right but couldn’t find anything fishy. I sometimes visit him unannounced, unlock his phone, go through his chat yet still no evidence of cheating. I don’t even know what to think or do anymore.

He’s an active member on your page. E.N.S.G it’s me your girlfriend Enam
Manofans should please help a sister with a advice.
Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. According to you, u said he doesn’t shower u with gift and he doesn’t know how that is done.. from ur story u also didn’t indicate that “u also neva showed him love by presenting smaller gifts and teaching him how that is done..before u fink on moving on try reciprocating all ur expectations from him to him if that wouldn’t move him..

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