Pregnancy Prank – He Has Another Girlfriend

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Thanks for the great job you are doing. A friend needs you and your fans advice
Her story goes like this.

She has been with a guy for a year and some months. All was well until a few months later the guy’s atittude towards her changed, he wasn’t giving her attention nor cared about her or anything concerning her. When she asked and complained about it, he told her there’s no problem and there’s no other lady with him apart from her.

She kept holding on to him and hoping things would change but it was still the same. Fearing that she might lose him to another lady, she pranked him that she’s pregnant. He seemed cool with it but was still not giving her attention during the first month. Later he started showing care by calling and texting.

Recently she saw that he’d posted a lady’s picture on his dp and status. She asked him who the lady was and he said it’s his brother’s wife. She later had a chat with that lady and found he’s dating her too.
The guy and the lady then started teasing my friend on messenger until he unfriended my friend. If she chats with him on WhatsApp, he doesn’t reply.

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She informed his elder brother that she’s pregnant and what his brother was doing to her which he’s not taking responsibility of. The brother then said she should move into their house, they will accept her and talk to her boyfriend to take responsibility or she should inform her family that she’s pregnant so that they bring her to the guy’s house.

Her issue is obviously the pregnancy is fake but they don’t know. So should she move into the guy’s place and if yes, how should she handle the pregnancy thing?

Or she should just ignore everything and move on but she also loves the guy so much. He’s also made a lot of empty promises to her which has moved her life backwards. Please what do you advice?Thanks.

Written by Abena Magis


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