Pregnancy Prank – I Told Her BF the Truth


I’m in Accra with my friend, Julia (names changed) and we live in the same area. Her boyfriend, Sketches, too is in Koforidua. I also have a serious boyfriend whom we are planning marriage.

Sometime ago, I went to visit Julia at her place. She was broke so she told me to help her prank Sketches. She called and pranked him with pregnancy and I confirmed it as being true. He asked how much she wanted for an abortion and we lied that she would need about GHS2000, which he sent. Immediately she got the money, we went shopping.

A week later we pranked him again. She made me call him to tell him that there were some complications so she was unconscious. That’s how I got his number but didn’t save it. I was out of the scene for some time but she used this same abortion complications to extort huge sums of money from him.

To cut a long story short, she doesn’t love him. Sketches is taking care of her in everything yet she keeps telling me she doesn’t love him but, would still marry him because she’s scared he might do something to her if she doesn’t. She kept pranking him and taking huge sums of money from him.

Sketches would always call me to verify everything and I will also say yes. Fast forward, he and I have become close, I see him to be a brother (that’s the only feeling I have for him), my man even knows about him.

All Julia kept saying was that she wants Sketches himself to distance himself from her, it’s a long issue eerrn, hmmm. She doesn’t respect him, insults him in front of her friends in his absence that he’s very dumb. Not that she wants the social media type of relationship too oh, poor her. Sometimes I try to talk her out of it but she always feels she’s high now.

So everytime he called me to make complaints about her I felt angry at myself, knowing how much I knew about what’s going on. I felt so bad that I recently told him the truth, not all though. I told him that Julia said she doesn’t love him and that he’s not her class so he should advise himself. I don’t know if I did the right thing by betraying her like that. I’ve been feeling guilty since. She still tells me about how she doesn’t love him and also has other guys. I didn’t tell Sketches about the guys though, I only told him about she saying she doesn’t love him and only being with him because of the monies she gets from him. Hmmm. Should I tell her that I’ve told him the truth or wait for the fall out?

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. This is a clear case of a stab in the back. Your friend shared secrets with you because of the trust u both have for each other. The best you could have done was to warn your friend to desist from her weird behavior, otherwise, you will inform her guy. If she continues and you go ahead to inform him, she can’t blame u but in this case, you are at fault.

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