Re: My Friend Suddenly Doesn’t Like Him Again


Good evening to you and your mano fans. I am the lady whose friend suddenly wasn’t happy about my man proposing marriage to me after I told her. God being soo good, my fiance’s family came to see mine to perform the necessary rights last Sunday. He put me a ring on my finger in our family’s presence as a means of promise.

I quite remember that during the first year of our dating, he asked me what my biggest wish was and I told him it was to get married on my birthday someday. Auntie Abena, that wish is coming to pass paaa and I can’t really explain how I feel now because the happiness is too much for me to contain.

The wedding date is scheduled on that day too. Fortunately for me, my birthday this year happens to be on Saturday.

My Friend Suddenly Doesn’t Like Him Again

Also, I’m super super proud of my hubby to be because he defended me very well when my soo called sister from another mother tried to paint me black to him. My hubby to-be isn’t the chatting type because he doesn’t really get the time to do that.

One day, she chatted with him and told him all sort of bad things about me. Auntie Abena, she couldn’t think of any reasonable thing to say to him too o. She told my man that I’m a spoilt lady whom my ex’s have used several times which even led me to me aborting babies kraa mpo. She told him that he shouldn’t rush things with me now and, it could even happen that I can’t bare kids for him. She even told him that she has the contact of the woman who helped me to do these abortions in case he wants to verify things for himself and a whole lot of nonfa.

Auntie Abena, this is the same person who told me to think about my future kids because my hubby to-be isn’t good looking o. Hmm, the most painful aspect of it too is, she knows perfectly well that I never had sex with any of my exes because the relationship ankasa didn’t last long biaa. But just because I’m finally settling down with my dream man, she’s finding all means to bring me down.

She tried her worst but my hubby told her he knows about all those things and he has forgiven me because they all belong to my past now. He added that he’s ever ready to do anything just to make me his wife. That he knows I’m not perfect but he loves me like that????.

My fiance knew what she was saying is a lie since he is the first person to lay with me. After he showed me the chats, he told me to distance myself from her but I told him to not worry since I’ve done that a long-time ago. Auntie, did I do the right thing by not telling him about the tins she told me about him?

Now, I think it’s tym I deliver Bella Blaq’s message to my frenemy????. To the person who suggested I dance to “enshi wo” song during the ceremony, after, post and tag her no I’m really gonna do that paaaa. I just wanna thank all mano fans for ur advise. I have really learned my lessons because now my hubby to-be is my everything.

But for my sister from another mother I’m always gonna be grateful to her for making me see the light????. Thanks everyone ????

Written by Abena Magis

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