Re: My Husband Wants to Marry Secretly


I have been on your page for a while and introduced it to my husband. He practically ignored me but little did I know he sent you a message to post for him. I found out after he gave the phone he didn’t like again to his sister, forgetting to delete some stuff.

“Little did I know he sent you a message.”

Now Auntie Abena to comment on that, it’s not that I was boring in bed o. I was the only one working but still come home to do house chores so I got very tired after that. He would be home all day but refuse to do anything and be sleeping all day. Secondly, he had a mouth odor that pushed me away whenever he wantes to have his way with me. After 5 years of marriage, it was just recently that I mustered courage to tell him about the mouth odor.

I know he doesn’t love me. He only married me because I’m hard working and supportive and can take care of the family. Please I want to get out with my kids because I am always hurting. We don’t even sleep in the same room again. He made me cry every day when I was pregnant with our second child and would always deny me of sex, telling me I’m not strong enough. All while I had the urge, even 5 months after delivery I had to beg him for sex because he refused to touch me.

I truly didn’t like sex at first but I tried my best always to give it to him. He also didn’t do anything for me to be in the mood but he always told me my thing was too sweet. After having two kids, I always feel for sex now but he still denies me. Do I walk out or stay in and find a sex partner?

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Written by Abena Magis


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