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Rona in the Dark


You have such a wonderful platform. God bless you. Today I would like us to release the emotional stress and laugh small. ????????????????????????

So this Sunday, husbee and I decided to do some quickie in the dark at night. I was physically ready but it seems my hormones were misbehaving and since we’ve been trying to conceive, we decided not to use the sex oil (because our doctor told us sex oil is a no no for a trying to conceive couple) instead we use joy cream to lubricate the place.

But since we were in the dark and the containers have the same shape, husbee took the Rona cream instead of the Joy cream.

???????????????? Chai, this matter wey I dey laf like this no bi easy oo. Immediately, husbee’s thing became soft at once and I was also feeling amako (pepper) ????️????️????️ in my somewhere thinking it will never pass but all shall pass. Since then, No light no sex.

But let me ask this question, please is it good to have sex with your partner in the dark?

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Written by Abena Magis

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