She Can’t Give Birth


Please I need advice on my very serious case. I saw a lady on Facebook, in a single group and we started chatting. We talked for a while and God being so good found out that we are in the same town.

Auntie Abena, I was seriously dating someone but from the first day I saw this lady it was like magic. I totally forgot about the lady I was with, sacked her and threw her things away.

Though we are not married, I’ve 2 kids with her but she likes cursing, insults me whenever she likes and is indisciplined. As for my Facebook lady, she is hard working, very respectful and even seriously loved by my mum.

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Here lies the case that this second lady too after going in for a scan shows she can’t give birth for the rest of her life. He womb is totally broken down. I just don’t know what to do. Should I go back for my former lady or I should continue and marry someone who can’t give birth? I’m really confused.

I’m a health worker and can’t even concentrate on my work. I love the one I met on social media toooo much. I’ve even blocked her but still go to her walls to always check if she is online. Hmmm I am even confused. I need advice. I am 33 years and the lady is also 30 years but the one I’ve kids with is 26 years.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. My dear,if u were a lady n someone comes into ur life all in the name of love,gives birth with u(two kids) and walk away because he has find someone else .will u be happy in life.
    Wateva attitude u show to please stop ,treat her right n she will do de same

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