She Doesn’t Like My Dreadlocks


Good morning and merry Christmas to you and your manofans. This is a quick question for the ladies

I want to know why and if they feel shy or embarrassed to date guys with dreadlocks. I have been chasing this girl for a while and she finally accepted to be my girlfriend but on the condition that I cut off my dreads. An ultimatum which I think is childish.

Her reasons being that her family won’t accept me into their home and so on. But I made her understand that nothing will make me cut my hair especially for her reasons and she thinks it’s an insult to her parents. My hair looks neat and presentable but she still insists I cut them before anything else.

I want your fans opinions on this and if anyone has encountered this kind of situation before and what could be the possible solution to this. Thank you and please keep me anonymous.

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Written by Abena Magis


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