She Doesn’t Want to Tell Her Family about My Disability


I don’t know why it’s a problem for people with disability to fall in love in Africa. I’m a handsome guy with a different form of disability. I have girlfriend who says she loves me all the time but there’s something bothering me, I am afraid her family would let me back off her.

I always ask her if her family will agree because here in Africa we can’t get married without our families. Well she tells me, she loves me and yes that they’ll agree but I still insist and keep on asking her every time.

The last time I asked her was last week, she said she’ll slap me if she hears that question from me again. She’s fun to be with, we chat day in day out. She loves kissing me (her lips are so cute). We control ourselves though because we’ve agreed to have sex on her birthday. What do I do about her family? Should I back off or still maintain?

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Written by Abena Magis


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