She Dumped Me But Wants Me Back


I want to share my story because I need advice from your cherished followers. My girlfriend dumped me but she now wants me back.

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I dated a lady for 5 years. My intention was to marry her right after she graduates from university next year. Everything was going on smoothly in the relationship till I visited her on campus 10 months ago. I realized some changes in her character. She spent lots of time chatting with a male ‘friend’ without acknowledging my presence in her midst.

I didn’t take offence because they had been friends for over 2 years. My girlfriend, her brothers and the guy himself had assured me that he was just a friend so I need not to worry. After I left, she called and told me she wanted a conference call with me and her mom.

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Could you believe that this girl told me she’s very sorry paa? That she needs to end my relationship with her because she has fallen in love with her friend. This same guy everybody around her assured me wasn’t her anything except friends. Her mom even added to her story and apologized to me for wasting my time.

I never knew until that day that it was this guy who had been taking care of her siblings in school. He sometimes gave money to her mom. I have also been doing same but he spends more than I do. It was very painful for me but I accepted to back off and forget about her.

Auntie Abena, 2 months ago, I got a text from her. She was begging me that she’s sorry she dumped me. She wants us to get back together. Her reason being that, the guy told her via a phone call that he never loved her in a romantic way. He only saw her as his sister. That all the money he spent on her and her siblings was just out of pity for her poor background

Auntie Abena, since then, she’s been bombarding me with calls. Her mother and brothers keep calling pleading with me to take her back. What should I do because I still love her? I need your advice please.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Accept her back ok. She just thought of satisfying the man’s sacrifice at the expense of your true love. Please accept her back and she’ll forever appreciate and love you.

  2. Don’t ever ever in your life be a second option. It’s the most biggest insult u can ever get in a relationship. Kill the I love her feeling and value your self the more. Invest in your self and do the things you could never do when you were dating. Her family wants to take u like that because the other couldn’t marry her. Shine your eyes and never be a fool for the second time

  3. Don’t accept her back. She dumped you because she didn’t love you and besides you are a second option. What if the guy changes his mind? She’ll dump you again. Brand yourself, move on and you’ll meet someone you’ll love who will not also be a burden.

  4. She’ll repeat the same if you give her another chance bro, don’t fool yourself. If it went well with her, will she have even call to check up on you?

  5. She’s coming back probably because the supply of money from the other side is cutting off and they need replacement. Unfortunately, you’re the next best option.

    Probably she was loose on the other guy and the thing backfired.
    If she really loved you, she would’ve personally discussed the issue face to face, than rather resorting into a conference call.

    By the way, what did the other guy told her before she came crashing your precious heart??

  6. She will dump you again when she get someone better than u. Bro forget about the love and move on because love can send you to early grave.soo sorry

  7. Sorry but I see this family as opportunist because they chose the other guy because he was spending more and now they want you because the other guy rejected your ex

  8. Supposing the other guy decided to marry her, she wouldn’t have come to u… can’t eat your cake and still have it

    Move on bro

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