She Has a Fish Odor Smell


I’m very sad and worried as I write you. Our last born is a very beautiful young lady, though beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. The sad thing is my sister is not happy.

It all started after she gained admission into a secondary school. One day, she came home crying that a lady in their class had started spreading rumors that she smells. We didn’t understand and didn’t believe her because we weren’t smelling any bad odor from her.

We concluded she might probably be making stories for my parents to change her school. The issue became serious when she actually distanced herself from all social gatherings. When you ask her, she will say her peers don’t want to get closer to her and cover their noses when she gets closer. We became worried because we the family don’t smell anything on her.

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Early last year, she read a story on your page about a gentleman who had been experiencing the same thing she was passing through and she told me to read his story. Actually that was my first time seeing your page. From there she started opening up to me about how she really felt when she was in school. She even said she tried commiting suicide because we didn’t believe or understand what she was going through.

That revelation really got me worried so I started researching on her signs and symptoms because she told me people say she smells like a rotten fish. I Googled “what makes people smell like rotten fish” and got to know a condition called Fish Odor Syndrome.

To make my story short, I won’t talk about it but let’s read about it please. So upon reading on the condition, she started implementing the things she had to avoid to minimize her symptoms and it helped in a way. Auntie Abena our worries have started again because she has gotten admission to the training college and, she has come back home because people have started complaining about her again.

Please can you to help me get a doctor or counselor to help my sister. Because of work we are far from her. I’m really scared she might harm herself if the stigma becomes too much for her. Please help a worried sister.

PS. Because of her condition she doesn’t play with her personal hygiene at all. Thanks for listening.

She’s been referred to a counselor

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Since you’ve tried physical and it isn’t working why not try the spiritual side too? Get some good pastor to help you look into it. It might be the best solution considering the fact that the family doesn’t even smell the odour. Best of luck!

    • Very true bro,some of these things are spiritual once she and the family doesn’t perceive the smell.I know of one guy who also went through this….seek a man of God for help or call me 0246089080

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