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She Is A Smart Woman.


Hello ma’am this is the real story surrounding your recent post about a lady taking money from her husband for a house she built. This is the true story. The woman was married, but her husband was CHEATING on her.So she was smart enough to save from her business, plus the chop money she gets, she saves a little too.

Then she bought a land with the savings and started building a house. When she was done with the house, the man lost his job and they couldn’t pay for their rent anymore. She the wife told the husband, “honey I have a friend who has this house but she doesn’t live there because she’s lives abroad, I can talk to her so we can go and stay there”.

The husband agreed and they moved into the house “the wife’s house”. Then whenever the husband pays the rent,she will secretly meet this caretaker she left the house in care and take her money back.There is nothing wrong with that for she was smart enough.!

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Written by Esther

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