She Knows We’re Dating the Same Guy


I want to share my story with your mano fans for them to help me. Hmm I don’t even know how to start my story self ????.

I’ve been dating a guy for 5 years getting to 6 years now. He’s been there for me since school time (SHS and I completed school in 2017). I caught him cheating on me with a girl. I tried my possible best to do everything he needed from me so that he could cheating on me with that girl but he’s still with her.

The funny part is the girl also knows I am his long time girlfriend but it seems she doesn’t care about that. She has my WhatsApp number and anytime I post a picture of myself in his room as my status, she will be the first person to watch it. She will then also go to his room, take pictures and also post them on her WhatsApp status for me to know she is also dating him.

It seems like there’s a competition between us???? because she doesn’t care that he’s cheating on me with her. I have tried several times to leave the relationship for her but I don’t want to regret leaving him while I still love him. Auntie Abena as I’m typing this, I am pregnant for him.

He knows that and is even happy to be a father soon. His other girlfriend knows that but still she doesn’t care and is still dating him. I don’t even understand o. My boyfriend too is not ready to leave me or the girl and doesn’t care about how we feel knowing he is cheating on us.

Anytime I try to leave him because of his cheating, he’ll report it to my mom and we will come back together again. This time though, I am completely fed up and want to quit the relationship after giving birth. I want your Mano fans to help me if I should leave the relationship or I should stay.

I was already his girlfriend before the other girl came into his life. He is an active member on your page. Please Mano fans help me wai☹️ and please hide my number ????Thank you????

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. He is just Childish and Immature u need to go ir way so that it doesnt become something else later
    Dont let anyone treat u like trash especially when He is cheating and u r aware and He is not sensible enough to stop please becareful
    There are 7billion people and about A million men in Ghana dnt let one dude waste ur time

  2. My sister leave the relationship ooh the earlier the better, cause this guy won’t take you anywhere it’s like you’re just wasting your time, love is real and it hurts to leave someone you love but with this guy please leave him okay, for your own happiness sake and for you baby just leave, there’s someone better out there for you because this one is like he’s playing with you both, what shows he loves you too cause if he does he wouldn’t even think of cheating on you with someone else so please advice yourself

  3. This whole relationship looks childish to me. You sound happy being pregnant in such a relationship? Wish I could know your ages but…You better back out from that relationship and find something better doing with your life

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