She Married Another but Wants to Marry Me


Good morning to you and your loyal fam! I have an issue which has been bothering me for quite some time. It’s about my girlfriend.

We have dated for six years. We planned to get married a few years ago but I got the chance to travel outside Ghana and took it. I used to call her once in a while but this girl secretly married another guy 6 months after I traveled. We were still communicating but she never told me.

Her husband’s senior brother told her he didn’t want them to see each other again. He has such control over the brother that she was forced to divorce the husband. Now, this girl is telling me she made a mistake but wants me to marry her because she can’t live without me.

To be frank I really love this girl. She’s been trying to show me how much she loves me too and I believe her but my main problem with her when I was in Ghana was that, she didn’t want me to be with my family not to talk of friends. All she wanted us to do was to be in the room having sex. She always wants to control me how she wants which is another thing I didn’t like about her.

Apart from that, I really love her. Let’s say we never broke up but have still been together all this while. Please I want you and your fam to advise me, should I accept her proposal or I should call off the relationship?


Written by Abena Magis

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