She Said He’s Her Uncle [plus screenshots]


I saw this girl 3 years ago on Facebook. She was then in a nursing training school. We have been dating ever since without any problem. I decided to get close to her during the Covid-19 period to know her well.

Surprisingly when I got closer to her, what I was seeing from afar wasn’t what I saw. She used to mention a certain name to me, bra Paul, as her father’s brother so saw him as her dad.

This man kept calling her, morning, afternoon, midnight and because I believed she said he is her dad I ignored. You can therefore imagine how surprised I was when I found out that the man was her lover and had been having an affair with her for years.

The most painful aspect is she introduced this man to me and I have been calling and texting him about every problem that comes between us. After finding out the truth, she begged me to forgive her and, informed her mum. Her mum spoke to me and I forgave her because I thought she will change.

One painful thing which happened during this xmas is, I visited her and got shocked at what I found. There’s this one particular man she claimed was her uncle who called her everyday. Her mum also said he’s the uncle so, I have been calling and talking to him every day.

On the 24th of December, this uncle called me that he wanted his niece to come and celebrate the xmas with him. I told him no because I was spending the Christmas with her. My lady was going to bath and something told me to pick her phone.

Auntie Abena, what I saw made me nearly collapse. This man called her uncle is her boyfriend that she has been dating and been visiting her when I’m not around. When she came I showed her the chat and she admitted it.

I informed her mum and now, she’s claiming she doesn’t know any man like that. Please I want your fans to help me. She has cheated on me severally but what pains me most is she’s using her family members as scapegoat. I do everything for him as a man and when I decide to leave her too she will cry saa. I’m very confused now.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. My brother what some of this girls can do will blow your mind my brother advice yourself run as fast as your legs can carry you because she will not change with the help of their mother’s forget it and look for someone who will love u alone

  2. Please don’t be blind folded by her tears,a lady who is ready to spend the rest of her life with you won’t hurt like dat.wat shows she will stop after using ur money to marry her.Please advice urself

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