She Shows Me Evidence After Cheating


I met a beautiful lady about 6 months ago and she paid me a visit a week after we met. We had fun and I felt the vibe was there.

After about a month of dating she told me her biggest secret that she has kept away from me. She told me she was pregnant for another man and the pregnancy was about 4 months old. A lady I had sex with and loved so much was 4months pregnant for another man already? ???? I was shocked.

She pleaded with me not to leave her and that she truly loves me. She also told me all the bad things she has done in her past, her numerous boyfriends and her Sugar Daddies (men old enough to be her grandpa). She cried and was remorseful for her actions. This lady only told me this secret at a time that I have developed so much love for her that I couldn’t let go.

Manofans, I consoled her and promised to never let her go. She put to bed about 4 months ago but has started cheating on me. Whenever I confront her she tells me the truth and sends me screenshots of the conversation she has had with those guys. After doing this, she’ll tell me she is only after their money and will never meet them in real life even when they send her millions.

The most annoying part is that she is still in touch with her ex (the guy who broke her virginity). To cut everything short, I still love this girl so much that even when I try to forget about her by blacklisting her, she will tell her friends and give my number to them to apologize on her behalf yet she won’t change.

I received a call from my ex just this morning and we had a nice conversation. I never treated her bad before we broke up, it’s just that things didn’t work out between us. She is still single and ready to mingle. I like this my ex but I love this Lady I’m so much into. I’m in a dilemma.

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Written by Abena Magis

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