She Used Me and Dumped Me


Good evening. I want you to help me use your platform to help me regain my confidence to love again.

In 2018, I met and fell in love with a lady called Sherifa. She was in SHS 2 and I was then in level 200 at UEW. I loved her so much. Her family left Kumasi to settle down in the North. She didn’t follow them but she also didn’t have a place to stay so I spoke with her sister to let her stay with me till finishes her WASSCE exam.

After she completed, I wrote Application letters around and lucky for her she had got job at Cheers Bar & when she began working there noor her behavior changed drastically. She lived under my care and shelter for 11months working. I never asked her how much she was taking as salary.

The most painful thing she did to me was that, she paid GHS2,500 to rent a room furnished it with a gas burner, cylinder, cooking utensils, bed, ashfoam, LCD TV, and other necessary things she needs of which I wasn’t aware of.

After the mid-sem, I came home one day to meet her packing out and I asked her why

Her answer was, “I don’t love you. I was only living with you because of the difficulties I was facing. Now I have my personal room so am leaving.”

I thought it was a prank and didn’t take her serious. I’d been invited for a former roommate’s wedding at Wesco so I left. When I came back around 7-8pm she was far gone.

This happened last year June. I am broken hearted and feel she used me to get whatever she wanted and after, dumped me.
I feel like cursing her and something is also telling me to let it go.
Please I need your friends advise.

He’s Been Referred to a Counselor

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Hmmm! My dear brother, you don’t need to curse her at all pull yourself together and move on with life KAMA itself will find it’s way to her house. Everything happens for a reason for all you know Allah is saving you from unknown things. Sometimes the things and people that we die for are not even good for us or deserve us. So don’t worry🤷‍♀️, move on. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️. May the Almighty Allah heal your broken heart. 🤲🙏🥰

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