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Please I greet you all. I am a silent member of this platform and need advice. Please help me out.

I’m a young guy of 22 years and I completed. SHS 2 years ago. I have a girlfriend. We’ve dated for a couple of years now. She has been really supportive in everything especially monetary issues.

Now my issue is that, I’m about to enter into the tertiary probably next year. My girlfriend told me she feels bad anytime I need money and she’s not able to support me. She wants to support me to go to school but the problem is how she wants to support me.

She says a government worker is disturbing her for a date and is ready to do everything for her. Looking at how the seriously interested in her, she wants my permission before she dates him. Her plan is to take money from him and use it help me with my schooling.

Me too, I’m a street boy. Life is really tough in the house than to talk of being in school. But one thing is, it’s not like am lazy. I have tried all my best to find a job to do but couldn’t find some. Please I’m totally confused about her plan and don’t know what to tell her.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Please pray to God and do your possible best to find a job, her idear wouldn’t help. You are going to read 4 years program, can she continuetoc fool that guy to get his money for you for the 4 years? What if he finds out she is using him and stopthe relationship,is she going to date different person to get the money for you?
    Or what if the guy is just decieving her just to have her in bed but won’t spend on her as he promised her? Elaborate on these questions.

  2. Her plan is not going to help and u are going to regret at the moment you want to marry her and this thing starts to haunt your thoughts and judgementabout her
    What if the guy just wants to be in bed with her?
    What if your woman falls completely for her in the process?
    Would you like it if you were to be in the boys shoe.

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