She’s a Serial Cheat


Please I have some serious issues here. There is this girl I started clicking with from 2018 till date. But there is something worrying me about the relationship. As we started dating, she told me she has never dated any guy before so I’m the first one hence I shouldn’t joke with her feelings.

Fast forward, I introduce her to my parents and to my delight, she and my mum are same day borns with same name as Akos. Everything was going on well until it reached the point I wanted to have bed fun with her. I never asked her if she is a virgin or whatever because me myself I wasn’t a virgin boy.

We had fun and week passed by, one guy who is my friend met the girl and I. He was like, “eeei is that your girl?” He later told me his police brother forcefully had sex with my girl before but he pleaded the girl not to let people know. I asked my girlfriend but she denied it. I’m the silent type so I kept mute on her for 4 days. She later came to confirm to me that she was indeed raped. I forgave her and we moved on. This girl is just like a wife to me, she supports me financially and at any aspect. I no longer buy shorts, boxers, singlets and the rest for myself. Not that I don’t have money for them.

Auntie Abena, this girl has cheated on me 4 good times of which I caught her myself. One time she planned visitng a guy, her call from the guy is diverted on my sim as I activated call divert on her sim. I picked the call and told him to hold on so that I connect him to him “sister.”Ok

Then I called my girlfriend and told her someone wanted to talk to her. The guy was like, “won’t you come again? I’ve already sent you the TNT.”

My girl quickly replied that someone was on the line so she will call him later. I said “eeeh? Me someone? Ok. Please you guys can continue. I’m sorry for listening to you people.” Then I hanged up. She called me back but I refused to pick. A total of 103 missed calls but I never called back.

In the night she dropped down from school to apologise. I forgave her. After that, she tried cheating twice again and I caught her. After that, she tried cheating twice again and I also caught her. I still forgave her as if I’m a forgiving God.

Auntie Abena, the one wey dey pain me right now is, this girl has an alternative sim card on which she has been dating 6 boys on. Her school mother once reported to me that she has been making calls after she and I end our calls deep in the night but whenever she confronts her, she will say her family members. Now today me myself I caught her with calls and messages on that sim.

Since morning, this girl has been crying for forgiveness that she will never repeat such again. Now it’s like I am confused here,I don’t actually understand this girl. Someone who cares for me and shows much love but is still cheating. I’m afraid to move on with her. I just want your fans to tell me if anyone has also been in this situation and how best is he or she handling it? Is it advisable to still move on with her? Please help your brother. Thanks

Written by Abena Magis

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