She’s Accusing Me of Being a Fraud Boy


Please I have an issue I would like you to advice me on. I met a woman on a dating site not too long ago. We started dating but I never told her I was already dating because the relationship I was in wasn’t stable.

The lady whom I was with by Nana Ama always demanded we break up whenever something happened. One day, she read a text message on my phone and confronted Akosua, the woman I met on the dating site.

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When they both found out I was cheating on them, they decided to break up with me. I apologized to both of them and Akosua decided to stay after Ama told her she was no longer interested in the relationship. I was then owing some debts, about GHS570 and Akosua assisted me to pay it off.

One day, Ama called and told me she’s decided to forgive me and continue to be in the relationship. A few days later, Akosua got to know I was back with ama and has since being accusing me of scamming her. She claims I’ve stolen her pen drive and handkerchief but I havent stolen anything from her.

She has since threatened me so many times to report me to the police. She’s saying I’m a fraud boy and that she has all the client names and details on her phone. She goes about telling people she has spent a lot on me and I scammed her.

My sister confronted her on this issue and she said she hasn’t threatened me in anyway but I have all the screenshots. We decided to pay her off but she rejected it. She keeps telling people she has spent a lot on me and that I will never live in peace and a whole lot. What do I do?

Written by Abena Magis


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