She’s Perfect but I Don’t Love Her


I’m confused and need help. We both live in the United States. I’m a 28 years old Ghanaian man and she’s a 30 year old beautiful African American woman. She has everything I want in my woman (both outside and inside). We’ve been dating for about 2 and half years now.

This beautiful lady has been so good to me even beyond my expectations and even beyond what my fellow Ghanaian woman will do for me (I have dated a couple of Ghana women).

When it’s my birthday she goes to the extreme, buys me gifts and plans vacations etc and I do vice versa. She’s a Christian and exhibits the Christian values. She has good morals (respects me as a man, she has learned how to make Ghanaian food perfectly) and has helped me grow in my professional career. I have a 3 year old daughter from my previous relationship she loves her with all her heart (she shops for me to send to her occasionally).

Whenever I’m shipping stuff to my family in Ghana, this woman will buy stuff with her own money for the barrels. She has never asked me for a dollar before. She’s very hard working and supportive. When it comes to making love to me, she’s extraordinary. “Otumi twi me papa“. I have been a good man to her too.

Now the problem is that the least thing she does triggers my anger and causes disagreement between us. I don’t know why I have all of a sudden lost interest in her. And I literally don’t want her anymore. I’m not seeing or talking to any other woman too.

She’s trying all her possible best to make it work but the devil in me is refusing to make it work. She’s really fighting for us. She’s always sad and has been crying for over 2 months and she’s very depressed. She’s even seeing a counselor right now. It makes me sad that I’m treating her in such manner. I want to apologize to her but my ego is telling me not to.

She hasn’t done anything to deserve such mistreatment. I don’t know how to tell her that I’m not interested in the relationship anymore because I cannot point out any wrong thing she has done to me and I’m not seeing anyone either. She’s a 100% marriage material. What do I do?

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Masa ,gyai gyimie nu. It’s hard to come across women of her type in this our generation. If she is 100% marriage material aaa, what then is your problem?. See,u need prayers

  2. These things can not go except by fasting and prayers. when the natural become illogical the supernatural must rectify it. Pray with your partner. all invisible handiwork of the enemy will be exposed

  3. my dear since you said she is marriage material why don’t tell your mind that it will work between you too and take everything in prayer to God

  4. Bro, if you let her go, you’ll regret it. Experience is the reason I’m say this.

    Please, do your best to make this relationship work. Don’t make her suffer for loving you. She doesn’t deserve it bro. Don’t let her go!!!

  5. If you guys stay together then try and leave seperately for sometime and work on it from a distance. I used to be in that same situation but when we were apart for sometime, i understood everything. It is psycological. I really wish you can put up a fight because per your own description of her, she is a perfect woman.

  6. Stop being petty and grow up.
    Reread all that u have typed and you’ed know what you might be losing.
    Sometimes we dont value and appreciate what we have until we loose them.
    Hang in there and appreciate her and love her wai na woo y3 agyemi kakra

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