Should I Ignore My Sister?


Hi Abena, I’m dating and Like every other couple we have our issues. We do well together and since he came into my life things have been great. He’s a kind person and I love him.

Now my issue;So when I told my sister I was dating him she wasn’t happy about it. She said if I wait I’d get a “better” man and that she felt I deserved better. I wasn’t happy about it so I argued with her. So she told me okay she’d ask her pastor if he’s good for me.

She came back that he said he wasn’t my husband and that I will insist he’s the one I want but they shouldn’t allow me to marry him. I asked why and she couldn’t give me the reason. We argued again and she said she won’t talk about my relationship with him again.

She told my mum and my mum supported her and didn’t even like the fact that he’s not the same tribe as I am. ReGardless of their discomfort, I’ve still been with my man and my dad really likes him. He has made intentions of marrying me and we’ve been planing.

A few days ago I went to all night with my mum and cousin. At the service my cousin was touched and started confessing and she said for me 3men will come into my life and the 3rd man will be my husband. (Meaning they are yet to come) Now I’m confused.

What do I do? Ignore the spiritual and go ahead (while ignoring my sister and mum’s opinion) or take the spiritual serious? I don’t want to make a mistake at all especially knowing marriage is serious business. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis


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