Should I Let Her Come Over?


Good day ooo. There is this lady friend I just met from your page. She’s a nice lady and mind you, we are just friends. She lives in a different region from mine.

Recently, she told me she’s coming to teach at my region but has to her registration before so she wants to crush at my end for a day. I didn’t have a problem with it so I obliged. 3 days ago, she called me to tell me as a friend that she’s missed her period after having sex with her boyfriend over a month ago.

She said she tried aborting by taking soe medication and the thing didn’t work. Eeii and this girl wants to crush at my end today Monday when she gets to my region? My fear is, something might happen to her because of the complications she finds herself in.

My question is though I’ve promised her, should I allow her to lodge at my place or I should save myself by not helping her? Please you and your manofans should help a brother. I will be reading comments.

Written by Abena Magis


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  1. Please don’t allow her koraaaa. Find a nice way to avoid her coming. In that way she won’t feel offended. Be wise!

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