Should I Tell My Fiance About My Cousin?


Good evening. There is something bothering me and I need advice. In 2018 I had a misunderstanding with my guy and it led to a separation. There is this male cousin of mine who was close to me so he knew everything that was going on between my guy and I.

One day, he forcibly had sex with me of which he apologised for about a month so I forgave him. I reconciled with my guy after this incidence and we are getting married in July this year. I feel like telling him what happened between my cousin and I, even though I have stopped all sort of communication with my cousin because the thought of him sleeping with me keeps disturbing nowadays.

I am also scared the past may catch up with me one day which will cost me my marriage someday. Do I tell him now or continue to keep this secret?

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. My sister, you claimed he forcefully had sex with you, he apologized and you have forgiven him. Is that not enough? What will you seek to gain by telling your fiance. For Christ sake, let sleeping dogs lie and move on pls.

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