Should My Girlfriend’s Exes Still Be Hanging Out With Her ?


Greetings sister, please hide my identity. Please I need your candid advice. I’m in a relationship with this lady, the first time I proposed to this lady she made me aware that there is no man in her life till I found out that she is going out with one guy so I asked her and she told me yes they were dating but had stopped.

We then continued the relationship, fast forward anytime I visit this lady I normally meet the guy with her. If I complain she would call me names; asking me that why should I question her and that I’m abusing her. In fact I’m really worried about this behavior of hers.

It isn’t only that, I found out again that there was this guy too who she said is an ex, anytime I go to her either I meet the first guy I found out about or this guy. Should I complain she would get mad at me telling me she can’t sack them anytime they come to her, but I don’t like that.

Please I want to find out, is it ok for the exes to still always be around my lady like that? When I talk too she will tell me she has nothing doing with them. Please should I still be with this lady or she is just playing games with me?
Thank you very much.

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  1. My brother can’t you see she’s not good she’s sleeping with all of them I’ve experienced it before i once met them kissing with that she still said nothing is going between them but just a peg those girls can lie and whenever you complain they get angry my brother advise yourself

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