Should My Niece Move in With Me?


Good morning. Please is it advisable for me to allow my niece to stay with me though her mom is around? I’m a newly married young adult but my big sister is pressuring me to let her daughter come and stay with me.

Our mom is out of town and also begging me to let her come and stay with us because she doesn’t want the kid’s life to be a mess. The girl will be staying with me forever oo. The thing is, I wouldn’t have had a problem with the kid staying with me but auntie I recently got married and it’s been barely a month since we tied the knot.

This niece in question behaves like an adult (ɔyɛ mpanyinsɛm paa) and can get you into trouble any day. I really like her and would have loved to have her move in with us but I think it’s too early to do that. I don’t want to give them assurance that I will be coming for her and delay in letting her come too. I also don’t want to be a bad person.

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My mom said she will bring the kid to me by force if I don’t go for her oo. My big sister works only on Tuesdays oo and is free for the rest of the week and on weekends too! I’m a government worker. I have promised to even pay the kid’s school fees without her having to stay with me but they’re all in high hope, expecting me to go with the kid to stay with me and my husband.

Please what should I do and how can I solve this issue without having any problems with my big sis especially?

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. I think it’s too early bring her over. I feel there’s some other motive else why should they gv so much knowing well that can break your home.

    Please tell them to relax kraa and enjoy your marriage. All the best dear!

  2. I think is too too early to allow her to stay with u,this is the time for you to really know n understand your husband and if you don’t take care bring her to stays with you will bring a lot of problems.kindly explain it to them n focus on your marriage

  3. Please is too early for that,you just got married ,you need to spend more time with your husband ,pls tell ur family to stop that.ahosh3sh3 ,what is that!

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