The Men Come and Leave


God bless you for creating this platform. I have always been reading stories and it’s time I posted mine.

I am a nurse by profession. Since I was born, I had always wanted to join the military. When I later realized I couldn’t, I developed a preference in military men. Due to that, whenever I date a military man, I want to keep the relationship so I try my possible best but I don’t know what happens then they leave.

Whenever I ask why, I am always told I’m too good for them. They don’t understand the love I have for them and they are scared to hurt me. In fact, I won’t compliment myself but in physical aspect, I am everything a lady should have.

The year has almost ended and am still single. I’m worried. I just don’t know if it’s because of my love for military men that has blinded my eyes from other men. I’m really disturbed. The funny thing is, if I tell any guy that I’m single, they don’t believe it because of my looks.

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Earlier this year, I entered into a with a civilian. Things were good until he later pulled off away me. When I asked him why, he said he was in a relationship before he asked me out. His plan has been to play me (as in being in for casual sex without telling me) but I was too good to be played and I’m disciplined and respectful too so he can’t hurt a good soul like me. He left me and from that time till now, I’ve been too scared to date any guy again.

My question is, is it bad to be a good lady? Why can’t I get a man to love me and make me happy? I’m always taken for granted because of my kind heart and my unconditional love. This makes me very worried. Please I need advice. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis


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  1. I’m a guy and I’ve got similar storyline.All ladies I take seriously will disappear at the time I need them most..Hmmm,I think we can link up if you don’t mind..0592873114 u can Dm

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