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Happy new year to you and your house hold. My regards to the mano fans as well . I just want to put smile on our faces with this story of mine.

Auntie Abena I received the beatings of my life from my father which I will never forget even in my grave. Somewhere around 2007, my friends and I went to steal copper wire (telephone wire) near the Atomic police station so were chased by the police.

God being so good, we were able to escape them and I thought I’d been smart enough to escape them not knowing a family friend of mine saw the incident and reported it to my father. Auntie Abena, the kind of beatings I received from my father that day erh, it would have been better if the police had caught us rather.

I received 15 minutes beating from my father and it was hell for me to the extent that my mother had to fight him on my behalf. So after the beatings I went to confront him to show me my father because I didn’t think he was my biological father.

Auntie Abena the kind of slap I received from my mum. it was like she was trained by the devil on how to slap. Auntie Abena, I nearly reviewed the amount Judas was paid for betraying Jesus. African parents can slap so that you will be begin to act like a doctor, I started prescribing medicine for myself. So after the incident I went to sit at my one corner enjoying my cry since all my parents had turned their back at me.

Then when I was about to end the cry, my uncle from nowhere came to ask me what the problem was. Asking me that question alone was like I should cry to feel a bucket.


That beatings changed my life, if not them I wouldn’t have known what I will become in the Society. I am who I am today because of my parents and I am proud having them in my life. Inspiring story.

Written by Abena Magis


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